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Froyo Bites

These frozen yogurt bites are great for a cool summer snack filled with natural sweetness from your favorite seasonal berries and rich creaminess of Greek yogurt. When you're kids are asking for ice cream, try giving them these bite-sized treats…

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Cauliflower Tots

Raise your hand if your tots are always begging you for tots. Well, now you can give them what they want and not feel guilty - introducing: Cauliflower Tots. Loaded with veggies and free from the Harmful 7, you can…

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These Zucchini Pizza Bites Are A Great After School Snack!

Zucchini Pizza Bites

*After School Snack Alert* If your kids come home looking for a quick snack that satisfies their junk food cravings, you are not alone. We can probably guess that pizza bites would hit the spot. Unfortunately, These zucchini pizza bites…

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